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Passionate, in love, strong, exaggerated, dramatic – women. Are we truly aware of our sexuality? Have we reached the full extent of pleasure that we believe is possible?

The Pour Femme brand was primarily created for women, not only to provide pleasure to them but also to bring pleasure to their partners. I have carefully chosen products that have convinced and satisfied me, both practically and economically. Each product has been personally tested by me, both individually and as a couple. Yes, you read that correctly – all the products can be used in various ways and enjoyed as a couple!

What makes us unique?

Excellent materials

Hypoallergenic, non-porous, body safe products made from medical grade silicone


The only sex toys made of medical silicone in the world!

Selected products

We sell products that have convinced and satisfied us


To experience pleasure and to give pleasure. Alone or in couple

Who am I?


Since there’s a real person behind this Pour Femme brand, allow me to introduce myself: My
name is Sandra. I’m a young woman, well, not quite as young anymore.
I’m someone who enjoys taking care of myself in every possible way. I’ve created this collection
of toys inspired by myself, driven by what we women desire and how we can satisfy ourselves. Exploring the realms of extreme pleasure, uncovering immense delights. Always. Whether alone
or with a partner. Guaranteed fun!
But I’m not only referring to women…

My collection is inspired by all genders who wish to take care of themselves and others.
Because sex is the ultimate remedy for everything! So why not do it properly and safely?



1. What is a butt plug and how do I use it?
A butt plug is an anal toy designed for anal stimulation. It’s usually tapered for easy insertion and has a flared base to prevent complete insertion. To use it, apply water-based lube to the plug and around the anal area. Gently insert it and stop if you feel any discomfort. Butt plugs can be a pleasurable addition to your intimate moments.

2. What is a prostate massager and how can it enhance pleasure?
A prostate massager is a toy designed to stimulate the prostate gland, often referred to as the male G-spot. Using a prostate massager, like the Fun Factory Manta, can lead to intense sensations and
powerful orgasms. Apply lube, insert the toy gently, and explore various modes to find what suits
you best. You can also try to experiment with our butt plug for men.

3. How do adult toys like vibrating wands work?
An adult toy like a vibrating wand is a versatile pleasure tool. It can be used for external stimulation on erogenous zones such as the clitoris or penis. Apply lube if desired, turn on the toy, and experiment with the intensity levels and patterns for a customized experience.

4. What is an anal plug and how can it add excitement to play?
An anal plug is a small anal toy designed for insertion into the anus. It can provide a feeling of
fullness and enhance sexual experiences. Applying water-based lube to the anal plug and gently inserting it can make the experience comfortable and pleasurable. Always prioritize gradual insertion and communication with your partner. Try our butt plug for women.

5. What are some popular clit toys and how do they work?
Clit toys, also known as clitoris toys or G-spot toys, are designed for external or internal stimulation of the clitoris. The “Toy G” is a pulsator that offers hands-free pulsating pleasure. Apply lube if needed, place the toy against the clitoris or G-spot, and let the pulsations do the work for you.

6. Are there toys specifically designed for couples?
Absolutely! There are various toys for couples, like the Fun Factory Manta, that can be enjoyed together, or the Stronic petite, the ultimate pulsator. These toys can enhance intimacy, such as using a vibrating wand during foreplay or incorporating a pulsator like the “Toy G” into partnered activities. Communication and exploration are key to finding what brings you both pleasure.


I hope these answers provide clarity about adult toys, including butt plugs, prostate massagers,
vibrating wands, anal plugs, clit toys, and more. Remember, your pleasure journey is unique, so
don’t hesitate to explore and discover the excitement that these toys can bring to your intimate
moments. Let the fun begin!