Yes! Amorino is a versatile dual vibrator! With its delicately curved silhouette, it will perfectly stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, labia, and even the prostate! So, it’s the perfect toy, suitable and safe for both vaginal and anal use.

The main feature of Amorino is that it must be used with the elastic band (instructions included). The elastic band, also made of medical-grade silicone, will produce additional vibrations that lead to even more intense orgasms!

But that’s not all… by removing the elastic band, Amorino will provide quiet and gentle prostate stimulation. In both uses, it offers moments of eroticism, whether enjoyed alone or with a partner.


And what if I told you that you’ve only been using a part of your clitoris? The part we see outside of the vagina is just a fraction of our clitoris. In fact, it extends a couple of centimeters inside our body. So, by stimulating the external part, we experience certain sensations, while stimulating the internal part gives us different sensations. Amorino is designed to target all the important areas simultaneously! Fantastic, isn’t it?

Moreover, its medical-grade silicone strap gently wraps around the labia, intensifying the vibrations and stimulating the usually neglected parts of the clitoris. Additionally, the strap can be wrapped in an infinity sign, making the vibrations stronger and orgasms even more intense! But Amorino also becomes a fully functional anal toy when needed! By removing the silicone strap, it becomes suitable for anal use and prostate stimulation. With its delicate vibrations and unique design, it will provide intense and prolonged anal orgasms. Amorino is made of medical-grade silicone, safe for both vaginal and anal use, hypoallergenic, and non-porous.

Like all FUN Factory toys, Amorino is waterproof, so it can be safely used in water.

After all that we’ve said about Amorino, the only thing missing is discreetly having it at home to provide moments of pleasure, whether enjoyed alone or with a partner. In both cases, it will be an excellent ally on the road to pleasure!




Additional information


Rabbit vibrator, Vibrator

Power supply

6 different vibrations, 6 speeds, Rechargeable


Travel lock


17,7 cm and Ø 2,1-3,2 cm


147 g

Battery life

1-4 hours, initial charge is 8 hours


Body safe, Hypoallergenic, Medical silicone, Non-porous


Petrol, Pink

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